How We Started


It was a dark and stormy night in Hong Kong. Chris McKay was finishing dinner with his associates when the check came and neither of them could read it because they had lost their reading glasses. McKay ended up with the bill. The next day he was riding a train when he noticed a man looking at a stone through a jewelers loop. The light from the train flashed off his watch and McKay thought, “he’s already got a lens on his watch, could I add a magnifying lens”? The idea for the iBeam was launched.

Licensing with TIMEX

Timex had a new owner and was moving too slow so McKay began working with an Italian designer and a high end and well respected Hong Kong watchmaker and set up a service center in Los Angeles and launched iBeam into the catalog and retail markets himself. The watch took off and was a top seller in Eddie Bauer, Brookstone, REI and a lot of family owned jewelry stores. Established catalogs like Herrington, Hammacher Schlemmer, ActiveForever and Lillian Vernon were on board and QVC and Home Shopping Network followed with great sales and high customer satisfaction levels (4.7 out of 5). 

Our Private labels

iBeam has a large group of dedicated customers and our focus has always been on providing excellent customer service. By selling online we are able to pass the savings on to our customers and continue to provide that same service through our service center in Southern California.


One thing hasn’t changed and more and more people continue to carry around funny looking reading glasses and can never find them when they need them. They also stumble around in the dark when the get up during the night. ibeam is always at hand and we have launched a new line of 20.20 watches with an easy read dial, improved battery life and a high-intensity LED flashlight and its 3X pop-up magnifying lens.

You are buying directly from us and we will always stand behind our products and make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

We thank you for your support