The iBeam Secret Cult

What do Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, women named Connie, Willie Brown, Swedish Orienteers, guys named Walter, and Bob Marley’s Mom all have in common? They are all owners of a watch from a California inventor called the iBeam. The iBeam is a decidedly low tech watch with a pop up 3X magnifying lens and hidden LED flashlight that creates a cult like following of those that have become accustomed to wearing it. Jay Leno and Raphael Saadiq have custom styles and Raphael said “It looks cool and I can really use it”.

So how did Richard Branson and Swedish Orienteers find out about this watch? Through the TED Conference where they were given as gifts to the speakers. Arnold got one as a gift from Clint Eastwood and Willy as a gift from the inventor. And the women named Connie and the guys named Walter? They are the backbone of the company and continue to order watches year after year and share great stories about using the watch after being lost in the woods or to check a skin lesion.

"I love these folks", says Chris McKay, inventor of the watch, "they have great stories and they keep coming back. We are happy to replace batteries and take good care of them". Recently the company has designed newer styles and is attracting a new generation of tech oriented collectors who like the hidden features in a good looking watch.

PS: Bob Marley's Mom? That's another story...