iBeam Comes Full Circle

When Apple introduced the iWatch and Smart Watches started appearing everywhere I thought this could be the demise of iBeam. Who would want a simple analog watch with a built in LED flashlight and a pop-up magnifying lens when you have your phone and a matching watch that can do a zillion things? Well it turns out quite a few people don't want to be that smart. One customer said " I've been an iBeam wearer since the watch was introduced and I just want to press a button and pop-up a magnifying lens when I need to read something and turn a light on in an instant when I need to see something in the dark. I don't need a lot of technology I can't figure it out anyway".

I thought this applies to older folks my age but I've been surprised younger "tech types" are buying the watch. One customer said, " Every time I use it I get comments from people that say "what is that?". They think it's cool and kind of "James Bondish", and it looks like a regular watch, until I pop the lens".  

We carry a full collection of men's and women's watches from 33mm up to 44mm and an assortment of straps, and we've added a more powerful LED light with longer battery life. We guarantee our products and our 5 Star service center is available for any repairs or battery and strap replacement. So if you're tired of too much tech and just want a little help with fine print and finding your way in the dark go to www.iBeamwatches.com and we'll help you out. And if someone asks you "what is that?" please send them our way and help us out. Thank you