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Posted by Chris McKay on

Is your Mother worth 49 bucks? No, Mother's are priceless. Just ask any man how much he'd want to go through the process of having a baby - it would be a lot more than 49 bucks. So I felt a little guilty offering a great Mother's Day gift for only $49. Even though it's a great watch with a pop-up magnifying lens and LED flashlight built in and a real help to Mom, she deserves more, so I put in a really nice slide case so it looks like a million bucks (OK, not a million but at least a hundred). You could wrap a watch for a guy in an old sock and he'd probably be happy but Women do appreciate packaging and this lives up to what Mom deserves - plus a hug and an "I love you". Order soon under Mother's Day Specials and we'll ship it to you in time.